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miss you rudy

— daniel birdwhistell

So sorry Joanna! Wiktor was such a beautiful cat and I'm sure it's hard to deal with. Thank you for giving the kitty such a good, long life! Truly exceptional. Adding some Kitty toys for Wiktor!

— Daniel B.

Such a sweet-looking boy! Really sorry for your loss, Marie! Adding some doggie toys for Baxter

— Daniel B.
Boone Wordsman

Awww what a perfect boy! Love the name, too. So sorry for your loss. Cats are the best. Love to you both.

— Daniel B.
Suzy Q

Aww such a sweet lady. Thank you for taking care of her.

— Dan B.

Awww man, sorry for your loss Frank. Thanks for giving her a good life!

— Dan B.

Such a cute and proud lady! Sorry for your loss. Thank you for helping her have a good life.

— Dan B.

Awww--such a sweet girl! Sorry for your loss

— Dan B.

Gone three years today. Miss you every day. Love you

— Mom

Sorry for your loss - Jake looks like a very sweet pup!

— Dan B.