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Topo Gigio

11-10-01 - 6-3-16

Mommy Loves Her Boy!!! Always & Forever!!! Topo, You're Such A Good Looking Fellow:) My Missing You Will Never stop, you gave so much love to Mommy & Daddy & we will Love & Miss You Until Our Last Breath...Once Again My Life Has Changed But You Are Well & Happily Running With Your Best Friend & ...

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Mommy loves you Topo!!! Always & Forever!!!


I love & miss you Topo!!! Thanks for your kisses & will see you again some day...Lena


Sweet Topo, I miss you too, you never forgot Mia and now the two of you are playing again!! You were such a comfort to your mommy...

— geneve1

We love and miss you sweet boy. You'll never be forgotten

— Jolene

Just a little note to say I Love & Miss you more than I ever imagined!!! When I lost Johnny I thought never would I experience such pain again, I was so wrong because now I have lost you, you are my child also & I MISS You sooooooo much!!! I still tell you I love you and nite-nite...My heart hurts, but I know you are Great so I feel better:) Loving you Always, Topo!!!


Topo, Mommy & Daddy misses you soooo much!!! You're still our sweet baby!!! Always & Forever!!!


Precious Topo, this will be our first Thanksgiving without you...Mommy misses you so very much and always will!!! Happy Thanksgiving baby boy!!! Give Mia, G-Mama, Johnny & Angel kisses from Mommy!!! See all of you again real soon!! Lena & Brooklyn are always talking about you, loving & missing you also!!! Always & Forever Topo!!! 11-2016

— Mommy

Happy New Year in Heaven Topo!!! Already been 7 months since you left us...I miss you so much & think about you every day with so much love for you!!! Sending you love, hugs & kisses!!! Always & Forever!!! 2017

— Mommy

I can't believe is has already been a year since you went to Heaven!! We miss you more than ever and always will sweet boy..We talk about you and laugh about all the funny things that you did:)You are the precious one Topo..Mommy can't wait to see you again..Give Johnny & G-Mama kisses from Mommy!! Happy Heavenly Birthday!!! Always & Forever!!!6-3-17

— Carol Kiparisus..Your Mommy..

Happy Birthday Topo!!! Mommy misses you so much and I love you more!!! I know you're happy running around in Heaven with all of your new friends & Mia..I miss both of you so much...You have a little brother and his name is TJ, Topo Jr) after you...He is so loving just like you and love his mommy as you did..My heart will always love you..been crying some today, so much is happening this month..You now have the same birthday of Brooklyn, June 3...Stay sweet and when you see me up there you better come running to me!!! Mommy so loves you Topo!!! Always & Forever!!!

— Carol, your Mommy