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Isaiah Lee

2004 - 12/04/2018

A gentle active loving peaceful companion to my friend Becky. Isaiah rescued Becky the day she set out to rescue him. They found each other. Soulmates. RIP Isaiah. Thank you for you’re selfless love.

— Rebecca Lee
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About Isaiah..he was a chocolate Labrador retriever that I got when he was 8 wks. old. He didn't take long to train. He was ringing a bell that I hung on the doorknob whenever he had to go to the bathroom. Kids in the neighborhood would knock on the door to see if he cld come out to play. Sometimes they asked if they cld ride him. He was a gentle giant. He loved to go cross country skiing w me. When he was little I wld stuff him in my coat and go to thru the Stoney Creek trails. He grew big fast and soon he was running ahead of me to clear the trails for me. He wld rollerblade w me. Often times while doing so, landed me in neighbors front yards when he chased after a squirrel or rabbit. He loved nature walks. Swimming. He had to be wherever I was. I remember one time I was climbing into a treehouse up north and he tried to climb up the tree to come with me. He loved camping with me in my tent and didn't even need a leash. He wld stay right by my side. He loved swimming and..well, I just cld go on and on of the great memories of him. He was my heart. My best friend. He was what I looked fwd to coming home to everyday and much of the time chose that over gng out..he slept in bed with me every night and in these last few months I wld pick him up to put him into bed. He snored louder than any human I ever heard. He was my companion..he was diagnosed a few months ago with cancer of the lungs. It metastasized into his liver causing his systems to shut down and toxins were over coming him Tue. December 4th. At 11:30AM Vet confirmed and I had to let him go as there was nothing more anyone cld do and he had to be released from pain and suffering..I hope him to be running through fields of sunflowers today. I will love him for as long as I live. Our hearts will always be sewn together. forever and ever and ever..

— Becky Lee, Owner