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July 4th, 2000 - May 12th, 2016

My best friend and companion... I miss you more than anyone could ever know.. You were so much more to me than just a pet.. I would give anything to be able to pat you on the head and tell you I love you just one more time...

— Karen Swift
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Love you and miss you my old friend..

— Mommy

Hey there Miss Abby girl, Aunt Debbie loves you, Hope ur having fun with all ur new an old buddy's there in Rainbow Bridge.. Xoxoxo..

— Auntie Debbie

My old friend...

— Mommy...

Here's some toys to share with ur friends Abby Girl.. Luv u

— Auntie Debbie

Such a pretty girl.. We all miss you Abby...

— Luna

Happy Birthday at Rainbow Bridge... Miss you everyday my old friend...

— Mommy